International Doctor is a network of multilingual healthcare professionals.

Our network was founded in 2004 in Barcelona. Our main goal is to offer medical assistance on health care issues in your own language.

On our website you'll find more information about us, the diseases that we treat and our contact details.

Our website will be revised every now and then. Please visit the website with regularity to find the proper information.


In case of medical emergency in Spain you could best go to a local medical centre (Centro Medico) or a CAP (Centro Medico de Atencion Primaria). For all emergencies dial 112, to get an ambulance 061.

Charlotte Deen

Dr. Charlotte Deen-Molenaar



Wilco Grift

Wilco Grift


Lenka Pavel

Dr. Lenka Pavel


Koen Willems

Koen Willems

Physiotherapist, personal trainer and specialist in Health at Work


Donna DeWitt

Sportpsychologist and mental coach